Currently, this is not the only method that can be chosen, other options are available that allow the couple to access fatherhood, for example: surrogacy , in the case of the homoparental couple or the CLOTHING method in the case of a lesbian couple, they are other ways of forming a family. 

The laws that have coexisted for previous years did not stipulate the rights of homosexual people in their decrees. This has unleashed various organizations that defend their free opinion. To date, there are 26 countries that approve same-sex marriage, out of the 194 countries worldwide. 

While other countries are in legislative discussion, apart from the 26 decreed. Some couples have enjoyed this opportunity, emigrating to the permitted countries where the laws protect them. Similarly, many others, due to financial or work reductions, have not been destined to make up the family, which is usually raised at some point in their lives. 

To achieve a homoparental adoption, it is necessary to be married. Thus, this class of families has been reduced so far, and they continue to unite in movements that allow them to raise their voices towards global inclusion.

Some countries that are ideal for people with family planning are: Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Israel, South Africa and Chile.


Steps for adoption

The steps that a homosexual couple should follow in general to adopt are:

Check the country where the adoption will take place

Find out if the country where the couple resides allows same-sex marriage, otherwise, they should choose a destination that provides them with the desired option. At first they must be legally united through marriage. In the future, they seek to formalize the family. 

Marriage contract

It is not possible to adopt without the contract that proves the legal marriage of the members.

Choose the adoption center

Choose the adoption center (this decision can be supported by internet forums where other couples share their experiences, in addition to many adoption centers have online pages, making a first virtual contact.)


Schedule an appointment with the selected center, in which the two interested parties must go, there will be the first visit in person. 

Adoption form diligence

In general, it is estimated to fill out a form to complete the application, presenting the participation and commitment documents in the entire process. What includes an evaluation and logistical preparation, the term conditions that the adopters must meet are handled in the same way.


Medical and psychological examinations are carried out on the couple to validate their mental and physical health, and be competent at the request. For his part, the little one also undergoes evaluations that confirm his current state. 


Monetary certificates of the adopters are presented to validate the financial security of the child, with his right to be protected by the adoptive parents and a decent quality of life.

Adoptive parents age

The age of the parents must have a difference of 15 years compared to the minor, and a minimum of 25 years to be able to adopt.


A prolonged period of time is maintained, to evaluate if it is convenient for both parties.

Sign adoption documents

The respective contracts are signed, and the adopted son is taken home.

In case of being foreigners, they must be documented on their return, to avoid an alteration that prevents them from entering with the minor. 


These processes may vary with the country and center chosen, with more or less the steps that must be followed. It is also essential to find out about the requirements to be recorded and legal advice in case of being a foreigner.

The benefits of adoption are that the parents consider family planning in advance, which allows them to live the experience with a child who for various reasons is orphaned. 

Parents generally have resources to provide a lifetime of education that will aid in personal development. Being for the adopted children or young people, the opportunity to live in a home, where they are expected by the adoptive parents. 

An important point to note is that adoptions can last from one year to approximately two years. This is because each process must be validated by a lawyer, and the paternity procedures approved by the competent bodies, thus avoiding later problems, both inside and outside the country. 

On Colombia Gay marriage and adoption without discrimination were approved, advocating for free rights as a citizen, as well as the free choice to form a family without the discriminatory of promoting homosexuality in the child, provided that the vision of the other types is respected of families and not only that family nucleus is restricted.

It is a decision that helps many children who are looking for a home, giving them the family they want to have. Adoption centers are generally charities that try to offer a home to millions of children in situations of helplessness or financial problems. It is a way of collaborating with humanity and providing thousands of infertile couples or by their own decision, the formation of a family. 

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Homoparental adoption