At present, we are receiving, thanks to science and technology, endless possibilities and answers to each of the complications that arise every day in each of the people in the world. In this case, a very common problem, and the one posed by hundreds of couples, is that, despite their attempts, or because of their biological nature it is impossible for them to have a child; Today this is a problem with a solution, totally within your reach, and with great possibilities of becoming a reality.

We know that this problem is common today due to cases of infertility, sterility or biological nature, for this reason some couples find it necessary to opt for adoption or in some cases who want to take care of their genetics or inheritance they decide to go into the method of surrogacy with the support of a surrogate mother.

Thanks to these women, many couples to this day have consolidated their own family. Their generosity or their capacity allow couples, regardless of their sexual orientation, to strengthen their love by bringing a child into the world with the help of a surrogate.

For this reason we want to present you some reasons or motives, to provide support to a couple being their possible surrogate mother.

1. Helping is the feeling and the best experience of the process

For some women it is overwhelming to know that some couples may not be able to experience one of the best phenomena or miracles in life. Anyone describes this experience as a wonder, a fact that causes them euphoria and joy, so they discover that this experience can be equally incredible, enjoying this process and discovering at the same time that with it you can help other people.

Helping couples find the love of a child can be a totally rewarding experience, but support is a truly demanding task.

2. You can receive support and guidance during the process.

Considering giving this help to a couple struggling with infertility, is a decision that you can make with time and planning, supporting yourself from some online communities, which can offer you support and guidance, establishing communication with someone who has lived this experience before. In this way you can get opinions, concrete and honest, relevant to what you get and you can expect from this support

ser una gestante subrogada

3. You decide under what monetary conditions to help the couple.

As a surrogate mother, it is at your discretion to request some remuneration for your support, in addition to the corresponding with the clinical expenses, and those pertinent to maternity or to carry it out altruistically, only accepting the payments that are generated during your maternity and clinical treatments.

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4. You are not alone during the process.

Joining or presenting yourself in a professional agency allows your safety, health, well-being and dignity to remain intact, being respected and protected under strict regulations that guarantee that during the process you will not have complications or irregularities that harm your life or integrity.

5. You can decide when is the moment when you are ready.

This decision, as indicated above, can be made with planning, that is, you can choose a time where you can provide this support to the partner, without interfering with your work or studies, in this way the rest days will not collide in some partials or affect your salary if you are in a company, job or institution.

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6. High success rates.

Thanks to reproductive technology and clinical partner centers, there is a more than 95% probability of success, so your health will not be involved, and you will have professionals on hand to guarantee this percentage and help reduce any type of fear. or stress that may arise during the process.

7. You can choose not to use your own eggs.

As a substitute, you are not obliged to use your own eggs, these can be from the future mother or an egg donor.

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8. You have a legal contract available which you can evaluate.

All the factors involved in your decision to become a surrogate mother are covered under a legal contract, which you can read carefully and at the same time you can receive direct advice where they specify the expenses that are covered, conditions and regulations that generally indicate those actions that are not allowed during the process.

9. It is not a prerequisite to have health insurance.

If you do not have medical insurance, it must be provided by the intended parents, if you do, and if the insurance agrees to cover some parts, it will also be compensated and the relevant premiums will be covered.

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10. The fact of being accepted as a surrogate mother indicates your good health.

The substitutes must necessarily be healthy, responsible, and emotionally stable, without depending on medications or possess any disorders, they must be physically and mentally prepared for this new exceptional challenge.

These reasons influence your decision to become a surrogate mother, and another reason outside our list, of great importance is that you have professionals and experts who will guide you throughout this trip, who will provide you with exclusive and personalized attention, These professionals can be found in the best surrogacy agency in Colombia, located in one of the best countries in Latin America such as Colombia centrally for your convenience.

Our job is to guarantee you a good experience and meet your expectations and those of future parents. Contact us to validate more information and learn more benefits about surrogacy and become a surrogate mother.

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10 reasons to be a surrogate mother